Laurent Perrachon

Laurent Perrachon

One of the collaborators of 30 years of Jacques Perrachon, Felix Perrin, had a small plot in Pouilly appellation. We began to manage it as a "fermage" (a special type of leasing) in 2018 and harvested our first Pouilly on this very nice plot of 1,7 hectares in Fuissé.

We raised the wine partially in half muids (500 liters wood barrels) and partially in stainless vats to obtain a good balance of woodiness. We have bottled it and will make it available in April to our clients

Our traditional crus of the 2019 harvest are also bottled. The vintage will be similar to 2017, with a harmonious blend of fruitiness and tannins, able to age a few years and mature nicely

The Domain Laurent Perrachon and Sons

We are the fifth (Martine and Laurent) and sixth (Maxime and Adrien) generation of Perrachon, on the La Bottièr eEstate since 1877. The earliest traces of the family in the wine trade date 1601. 

Welcome to the Perrachon domain.  We pursue the work of our ancestors producing wines the traditional way. Julienas history already mentionned the PERRACHON name in 1601.  The Perrachon family acquired the domain of la Bottière, in Juliénas, in 1877. Then came the Domaine des Perelles on the Romanèche-Thorins territory, at the feet of the Moulin-à-Vent hills. The Domaine des Mouilles, now the heart of our operations, was acquired in 1989. It is the heart of the Julienas appellation, benefiting from the best exposure and the best soils. Recently, we added smaller parcels in Chénas, Fleurie, and Saint Amour.

Today we harvest grapes on six appellations: Julienas of course, but also Morgon, Moulin-à-Vent, Fleurie, Chenas and our latest addition, Saint-Amour. This makes us the independant winemaker in Beaujolais with the most comprehensive list of crus.  

We have many projects to continue our mission, articulated around 2 axes

  • Restructuration of the estate. Within 15 years, we want to be able to eliminate all chemical products and work all of our soils mechanically.
  • Enthusiastic about our terroirs, we want our crus and grands crus to be recogniezd (Les Chers or Les Mouilles in Juliénas for instance). This initiative translates into our new parcellar cuvees.

Laurent Perrachon