Leda Pucci

Leda Pucci was born in Monteriggioni on the 16th of May 1903.
She began to work when still very young as a post-woman, delivering the post to the surrounding countryside (Strove, Abbadia Isola and Monteriggioni).
She married Alberto Bartali in February 1922, when she was nineteen.

Together they decided to take over management of the Post Office at Castellina Scalo and they soon realized they could use their movements to take other things to the locals. So the letters were joined by products such as wine, oil, onions and potatoes. During the Second World War, Alberto was called up and Leda was left to run the Post Office and their delivery business alone.

This delivery service really took off at the endow the War, so much so that the couple decided to leave the Post Office to dedicate all of their efforts to the sale of wine. They had three children, Ivo, Rivo and Vanda between 1923 and 1931 but unfortunately Vanda, and then Ivo, both died when very young. So it was left to Rivo to continue the family business, making it into a company that as the years went by, was to take on a very important role on the wine market, succeeding in expanding both the operating capacity and the commitment to produce wine which increased constantly in quantity. Today his children, Alberto, Vanda and Maria, the third generation, continue this century-old business with the same dedication as their predecessors.