Giacomo Brezza Nebbiolo D'Alba Vigna Santa Rosalia

Giacomo Brezza Nebbiolo D'Alba Vigna Santa Rosalia

Wine Information
Location: city of Alba
Trellising: Vertical canopy
Pruning system: traditional Guyot
Exposure: West
Vineyard expansion: 1.2659 ha
Planting with: 1 m X 2.5 m.
Altitude: 300 m

Plant density: 4,000 plants per hectare
Production: about 7,000 KG / ha
Varietal: Nebbiolo
Sub varietal: Lampia, Michet
Rootstock clone: K5BB, 420 A
Year planted: 2004

Production process
This wine is made with the freshness and elegance of the Nebbiolo wine in mind. The fermentation with maceration lasts from 6 to 8 days once this process is over the wine is moved to an area where the temperature is 18-20 °C / 64-68 °F to undergo malolactic fermentation. In December the wine is then moved into large Slovenian oak barrels to rest for one year. After about a year in bottle the perfumes and aromatics show that it is ready for consumption.

Serving recommendations
The family recommens but even more the soil and climatic characteristics with which the vine must interact is profoundly different from the most famous Barolo. Presents with primary scents (fruit: peach, berries) less full-bodied on the palate relatively early drinking is more easily adapted to be coupled with the lighter summer menu. It holds up well with some ageing but it is preferable to enjoy relatively young.

  • Product Name: Nebbiolo D'Alba Vigna Santa Rosalia
  • Producer: Giacomo Brezza
  • Importer: Fine Vines
  • Country Region Appellation:
    • Italy
    • Italy
    • Piemonte
    • Italy
    • Piemonte
    • Langhe
  • Varietal: Nebbiolo
  • Agricultural Standards: Sustainable
  • ALC %: 13