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Bruno Paillard

Bruno Paillard
Bruno Paillard

Bruno Paillard was born in Reims in 1953.  His lineage of brokers and growers in the two Grands Crus villages of Bouzy and Verzenay dates back to 1704.  Following in the family’s footsteps, he started working as a broker in 1975, acquiring a deep and extensive knowledge of Champagne.  Bruno Paillard creates his Champagnes in a rented cellar with carefully selected grapes from independent growers.  After 3 years of working like an alchemist, improving his know how, he finally reaches the style of his dreams.  In 1984, Bruno Paillard invents the first totally “ground level” cellar.  This brand new concept allows an extremely strict control of temperatures, lighting and humidity.  Bruno Paillard has a strong commitment and respect for quality:

only the highest quality of grapes are used, first press juice is only used, separate Cru vinifications, addition of Reserve Wines for each multi-vintage wine, aging of his wines 3 to 5 times longer than the minimum Champagne regulations and low dosages are used to maintain purity.  Preserving the inimitable Champenois terroir is a priority of the house.  The good care given to the Bruno Paillard vineyard is respectful for both the terroir and the environment.

In 1981, at the age of 27, Bruno Paillard sold his car and started his Champagne house, the first new Champagne house in nearly a century. Bruno's lineage of brokers and growers in the two Grand Crus villages of Bouzy and Verzenay dates back to 1704. Following in the family’s footsteps, he started working as a broker in 1975, and acquired a deep and extensive knowledge of Champagne. After 6 years, however, he felt the overwhelming desire to create a Champagne of his own, one that would go beyond what was available in terms of purity and elegance.
Bruno created his Champagne in a rented cellar with carefully selected grapes from independent growers, and after 3 years released his first Champagnes. In 1984 he created a cellar, then unheard of in the region, that allowed him total control over temperatures, lighting and humidity. Soon after, the press started anointing him as one of the best Champagne producers in the region. In 1990 he was able to build his current winery, and in 1994 start purchasing vineyards. He now has 79 acres, which cover 1/2 of the production needs, and almost half of which are Grand Cru in some of the best viticultural areas in Champagne (remarkable when you consider that fewer than 10% of Champagne vineyards are Grand Cru). These vineyards are farmed organically and sustainably, and it is a rigorous and delicate job given that the vineyards are subdivided into 40 different parcels. All harvesting is done by hand, according to the particularities of the parcel. Bruno also works with high-quality, independent grape growers with which he has had relationships for many years.
The total production of Champagne Bruno Paillard is 45,000 cases made exclusively from the first pressing of grapes from the best vineyards in Champagne. From the Brut Première Cuvée to the N.P.U., all Bruno Paillard champagnes share the same finesse and dryness. They are elegant wines, light in texture yet rich in flavors. As previously mentioned, Bruno Paillard uses only a true, gentle first pressing for all its champagnes. Additionally, each cru is vinified separately, minimal dosage levels are added, aging is extensive and well beyond AOC requirements, and a large proportion of all wines are made from the estate’s prime vineyard holdings.
All Bruno Paillard bottles carry the disgorgement date on the back label, a quality step pioneered in the region by Bruno Paillard. After disgorgement, all bottles are returned back to the cellars for a minimum of 3 months before being labeled and shipped.


  • Chardonnay/Pinot Noir
  • Pinot Noir/Chardonnay


  • France
  • Champagne

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